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Everyone in your team can see and add ideas to Experiment Zone's Hypothesis Library free tool. This helps your team members synthesize great hypotheses and develop better experiment ideas.

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Find the best ideas through systematic evaluation

Scoring is a simple and consistent way to prioritize ideas in your backlog. Most teams use scores to inform their decisions about which experiments to run next. The scoring feature in Hypothesis Library comes set up with five predefined* criteria your team can use:

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Test Effort

How much work will this be to test?

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Implementation Effort

How much work will this be to implement?

Confidence Icon


How confident are we that this will work?

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How much evidence is there that this is solving a real user problem?

Impact Icon


How much of an impact will this have overall for the business?

*If your organization has its own scoring rubric for ideas, you can configure Experiment Zone's custom scoring to match it.

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Give your collaborators the right access

Many companies want to get ideas from everywhere. Great inspiration can come from clients, users, customer service reps, user researchers, data analysts. Only a few have the expertise to evaluate the quality of the ideas for improving revenue.

With Hypothesis Library's advanced permissioning, you can get ideas from anyone - and keep the prioritization within the core team responsible for testing.

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Take your ideas with you wherever you go

Do you capture your ideas in your AB testing tool - such as Optimizely or VWO - today? What happens if your organization can no longer use those tools because your needs change? Fear not - with Hypothesis Library, your team can move between any AB testing, user insights, or analytics tools without losing your great ideas.

Need Help bringing your Test ideas to life? Get in touch
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